mika-chan: the enemey
And Spring herself would scarcely know that we were gone.



Minsk. Torrents of heavy autumn rain. A girl and a bearded man are singing in the rain. The girl is practicing her eloquence, the bearded man giggles.

THE GIRL [embarrassing herself once again].

Once there was a kid from Karl Marx street
With Dali's mustache and Gumilev's glimpse.
The kid was adorable, full of passion,
Defering to him was such a pleasure.
[Not sure if she sounds believable enough.]

We have lost his mustache
and our tremulous friendship,
Left cinders
and ashes.

I probably still adore him
Even though he is a liar.
But there was an academic pyre!

THE BEARDED MAN [gravely]. So, if you are over your "disgust" business and want to have a great laugh... let her know. Presumptuously, but she said she would like to go out with you for texting and scones. Why not? She is so round-faced and cute.

THE KID [out of the blue, scornfully]. Too little, too late.

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